Although there are no perfect titles, Bryan County Abstract Company has been giving assurance to area residents for over a century that they are protected against issues which may affect their ownership of real estate.


It is this longstanding knowledge and dedication that showcase the American Land Title Association values of “We Lead.  We Deliver.  We Protect.” 

01. wE LEAD

We are the authority on real estate transactions.

Although Oklahoma is one of the few states that still creates “bound” abstracts, all states perform some sort of “abstracting” or “title search” process.  This more extensive preventive work helps to reduce the costs of claims in Oklahoma.  Because we are licensed, bonded professionals who take pride in our work, the consumer is protected in the event they suffer a loss due to our mistake.  Courthouse searches by non-abstractors do not provide that protection.

Title agents and abstract offices are the only neutral party in the real estate transaction.  This neutrality allows us to make unbiased decisions regarding title issues.  Through our expertise, we are often able to resolve title defects before the parties to the transaction even know they exist.

The title and closing work we perform each day facilitates land development and economic growth in our communities.

02. We Deliver

Delivering is about the endpoint and not about the process to get there.  Our customers trust us to do the right thing, the right way.  We sweat the small stuff to assure that land transfer is accurate, swift and secure.

Every day, our staff works with Realtors, lenders, attorneys, surveyors and many others to complete accurate title work and closing for your property.  Our search and exam process uncovers any defects – some of which could result in the loss of your home – and works to resolve those defects before a property purchase or refinance is completed.

We are required to maintain current and complete indexes of information contained in the County Clerk’s records as well as those of the Court Clerk.  We are also required to search tax records as part of each abstract or search performed.

03. We Protect

We protect the property rights of those we serve.  We reduce the risk so our customers have peace of mind. 

 The essential items that form the foundation of title insurance are the following:  search (abstracting) and exam (title opinion).  That search and exam uncover known defects; the title insurance policies we issue protect you from those that are unknown such as fraud, unpaid mortgages, judgment or liens, missing heirs, unknown easements and errors in the public records.  Through that issuance of title insurance, your rights as a consumer are protected long after you have purchased your home. 

 We have provided and will continue to provide peace of mind to thousands of homeowners and business owners through our involvement in the real estate transaction.  We protect the American dream – one home at a time. 

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